​​​​Dear brother White, I am the brother that spoke to you after your debate in Walnut Ca. this past Saturday. I want to publicly thank you for spending a few minutes with me as you left the church building. Again, I congratulate you on your presentation against your opponent. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the Muslim people to repentance.

Soon after I awoke Monday morning it was brought to my attention that you posted on your Facebook page an encounter you had with a person after your debate on Saturday with Shaykh Mustafa Umar. That person happened to be me! You went on to describe your account of our conversation. I thank you for posting this on your Facebook page. It seems as though it created a firestorm of controversy, so much so that I feel compelled to give an account of our conversation from my point of view. After all brother, as you know, there are two sides to every story. It seems as though only one side has been given.

Allow me to clear up some misinformation. First, I am a member of a local assembly in San Diego Ca. I have served faithfully for 20+ years under the covering of my pastor. My family is in good standing with this assembly, serving in various capacities. Currently my wife and daughter teach in the children’s ministry while I am a board member and teacher. We also operate our evangelism ministry from the covering of this assembly. We have known and worked with Pastor George Saieg for some years now and were personally invited to attend this event, I even assisted with the registration. Pastor George has spoken at my church and conducted training and outreach there as has Pastor Daniel Scott from Australia. I have personally walked the streets of Dearborn, Mi. with Pastor George as well as in Seattle, Washington, Garden Grove California, and my own local city of San Diego, Ca. I have gone to the mosques and sat on the floor discussing the eternal truths presented in the Holy Scriptures with the Imam. In the great economy of our God, I brother, am only a hoe in the hand of our Master, while you are a giant plow. Nevertheless, my desire is to be faithful and useful in the work He has called me to do. I trust you have the same desire. By the way, I moderated your San Diego debate years ago in Escondido. I remember how the Holy Spirit moved after it concluded! 

My brother, I must admit that I’m quite shocked by your Facebook post. I expected more maturity from a brother so steeped in scripture as yourself. I never wanted this to be a public issue. That is why I approached you privately. For some reason you have decided to make this a public issue. Fine. You speak of me “jumping” you! Actually my brother I patiently waited to speak with you after your work was completed inside the church. I did not approach you before the debate as I did not want to upset or distract you, nor did I approach you afterward as I did not want to draw attention to my question around those who sought a word, picture or autograph from you. So I waited until you were on your way out of the church into the parking lot in a more private area. I did not even think or desire to record our conversation. Why should I? It’s recorded in heaven. That is enough for me. My intention was to ask you a simple question, receive your answer and leave it at that. No Facebook, no blog, no attention grabbing circus, just a simple question that would make clear to me where you stand on the issue of incrementalism. By the way, I still haven’t received that answer.

Truth be told, I did not want to attend this debate however we were personally invited and I wanted to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I was tired, having ministered the gospel alone to those going into our local death camp (Planned Parenthood) in the morning. What a sad, sad sight to see a father, mother and the unborn child enter the clinic, then moments later the father leaving having dropped off his wife or girlfriend to offer up the child in sacrifice. How awful to see father’s abdicating their responsibilities under God to be the spiritual head of their families. I attempt to reason with them to reconsider their actions, and submit themselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Be reconciled to God! Sadly they are more concerned for their belly as they go up the hill to the taco shop for a morning burrito while their child is murdered.

Have you gone to a clinic brother White? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. It’s a hard mission field but well worth the battle…

Let me be perfectly clear. My “mission” was not to debate you but to ask you the question do you agree with Scott Klusendorf in respect to his view on incrementalism? That is the question I asked you and rather than “man up” and give me a straight answer you deflected my question into an attack on “AHA”. I find this to be childish. AHA is simply a symbol representing an ideology, not an organization. Why attack an ideology that states clearly: End Abortion Now! What is wrong with such an idea? Again I ask you plainly, do you agree with Scott Klusendorf?

Here we have a panel of great men who influence the Body of Christ, one man is giving reasons to support laws placed into existence by godless men that sanction the murder of 97% of preborn humans and all babies conceived in rape. Paul Washer is sitting on his right hand and you brother White are on his left. The panel is “bookend” by two pillars of the modern church and neither of them speaks up? What is the Body of Christ suppose to think? What conclusion are we to draw from your silence? This is why the Spirit of God wanted me to approach you in quietness and humility for an answer. You sir have not given the answer.

Rather than answer a question I asked privately, you have deflected the question and made a public attack on the ideology of AHA. You’re not attacking people, your attacking the idea that the murder of the preborn should stop now. Why should it stop now? Because God in his law has stated “Thou shalt not murder”. Abortion is murder. The only solution to murder is the gospel. 

As a  seasoned debater you realize the importance of representing your opponents views accurately. In the topic of abolition you misrepresent it and by doing so are deceiving countless people in the Body of Christ.  So now what God has done is bring the whole issue into the public light. I brother can only conclude by your silence that you do support Scott Klusendorf and in this support you lead the Body of Christ down the road of inactivity in this issue. What you’re actually doing by being silent is supporting the murder of the preborn. I hope you prove me wrong.

I find it amazing that you felt compelled to publicly bring our brief (several minutes) conversation into the public arena. Again I intended to approach you privately (which I did) but you have to air it publicly. Why? I find it interesting that you used a straw man argument to deflect your answer in regards to my question. I find it equally interesting that you have attacked my character and motives while not knowing me. This is what the sinner does on the streets as we reason with them about the truths of Scripture. This is what students and professors do at colleges as we reason with them of sin, righteousness, and judgment. I would think such a great “man of God” such as yourself would refrain from attacking someone you don’t even know. I also believe you were somewhat convicted by my question and your argument is not really against me but against the Spirit of God who is attempting to reason with you over this subject.

Finally, with reference to your last paragraph I must say to accuse a brother, especially one you don't know of being “cultic” is quite a stretch. Talk about “deflection”! I find it ironic that my response to you prompted you to write such a scathing description of one you know nothing about! Because I simply didn’t address the issue of the local church (see top paragraph) at the time is not to conclude that I am cultic! 

Again, rather than answer the question, you “rescued” yourself and came down from the cross. That my brother is a sure sign of conviction! You publicly attacked me while keeping silent on the question. As I conclude allow me to draw your attention to the Word of God; Psalm 19:13, 14 and Psalm 36:11a. As you stated Saturday in the debate, you lead prayer in your local assembly. I was encouraged because I too lead prayer in my local assembly! I find the prayers in the Psalms are profitable in keeping me grounded before God. These verses in Psalm 19 and Psalm 36 are ones that I often plead with God, "Keep back thy servant from presumptuous sins…let not the foot of pride come against me." As I write this I can’t help but think about the Apostle John as he wrote his letter to the church, "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." I trust Brother White that you are born of God, yet I don’t sense any love in your post. Feel free to answer my question anytime. Just post it on your Facebook page. May God bless you and continue the work he has begun in you. -- Jeff K.